Sacred Holidays

Sacred Holidays: A book review

Book Review

It’s here! The Holiday Season is upon us. Do you love it? Do you dread it? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of it? I’m a member of the former group. I love the holidays. For me it’s a time to regroup, come together as a family, and set apart time for a heart check. That’s why I thought this book wasn’t for me. But, I was wrong. 

Sacred Holidays – Less Chaos, More Jesus

First, let’s be clear. This book is not just a Christmas and New Year’s book. The author, Becky Kiser, weaves Jesus into every holiday throughout the year including birthdays. And. She does it beautifully. No holiday is too churchy or pious that the fun or as she likes to say, “whimsy” is whisked away. Yet, Jesus is still present and central instead of the presents.

What I liked.

The thing that I liked best and pleasantly surprised me about this book was not only were there great ideas for each holiday, but Becky takes the time to address difficult topics such as grief, common struggles, and the Santa and Easter Bunny dilemma. By far, my favorite paragraph is the one titled “Stop Saying You Are So Busy.” I would like to personally recite that one on the evening news and across all social media platforms.


I would recommend this book as a gift this holiday season – perhaps to that friend or family member who consistently recounts their demanding schedule. This is also a great book for those who want to reinvent the holidays, birthdays and even the summer. Perhaps to relieve a bit of monotony and add some more Jesus into the equation. On the other hand, if you have been accused of taking too strict of an approach to the holidays this book will guide you into putting the “F” back into fun.

What are some of your struggles and tips for the holidays? I would love to hear from you!

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Please note, I was given a copy of Sacred Holidays by B&H Bloggers/ Lifeway in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation for the review. Thank you to B&H Bloggers and Lifeway for the opportunity to review this fun book!

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