Storm-Tossed family

The Storm-Tossed Family

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Do you groan at the approach of the holiday season? Maybe for some of you the idea of hanging out with family is daunting. There’s the drunken family member who can’t seem to stay sober. The sibling rivalry that refuses to cease. The tension created by the newly divorced couple and the family dynamics that linger as a result. Maybe it is your own situation that you need to come to terms with.

In his new book, The Storm-Tossed Family: How the Cross Reshapes the Home, Russell Moore delves into these topics and more. As Moore explains, we are all part of a family whether we are married or single, and all of our families are broken to some extent. However, we need not carry on the brokenness of the generations past. We can choose to live our lives within the delicate balance of the gospel – the balance between grace and truth.

What I liked

What I liked most about this book was its lack of preachiness. Its words are delivered with love and a gospel perspective. There are some hard truths, but these truths are enmeshed with grace because we will never get things perfect on this side of heaven. Moore addresses all aspects of the family including marriage, divorce, parenting, aging, family tensions and traumas.

He discusses the delicate topics of submission in marriage and what that really means. He writes of discipline from the Lord and how that may be different than what we view discipline as meaning. In addition, Moore clarifies the character of our heavenly Father and how it is much different than many of the biological fathers of today. All of this and more combine to reshape the home of the storm-tossed family.


I recommend this book for those whose families didn’t quite turn out the way they expected or hoped. I would also recommend this book for people who feel they’ve got it together, but their family members need to live more like the gospel. This book can also be used in a small group setting although there are not discussion questions included within the book.

Thank you to B&H Publishing and Lifeway for the opportunity to review this beautifully and thoroughly thought out book.

Are you adding this book to your to-read list? If so I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

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