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How to Rest Your Soul

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Hello friends! Have you been wondering where I am? Well, I can assure you I have not quit writing I am just taking some time to rest my soul. You see, huge life changes have a way of draining us. Although the plan was always to leave the Nebraska Panhandle I am grieving some things I left behind – the amount of sunny days, milder winters, some cherished friends, and my beloved mountains where I sought my peace. So, now I am taking the time to re-center my life, to find peace in my surroundings and rebuild a new life in Wisconsin for me and my family. I can assure you, this has not been an easy task as life keeps throwing more obstacles in our path, but more on that another day. Today let’s talk about how I find rest for my soul.



My faith is always my first priority. The things of this world may bring temporary peace but they will eventually leave one unfulfilled. So, I start my day early with a cup of coffee and my Bible. Some days the words jump out and grab ahold of my heart, speaking directly into my life in a way I never saw before. Other mornings the words are a quiet reminder, a comfort found in knowing this book was written for me. Finally, I finish up with a few pages from a non-fiction book usually chosen to grow some spiritual aspect of my life. Right now, that book isGirl, Wash Your Faceby Rachel Hollis. This may seem like more reading than you have time for so remember to choose what works best for you, the goal is to find rest notto create more stress.



Stress dissipates for me when I can find solace in nature. I am fortunate enough to find this in my own backyard. Here I am surrounded by blankets of daisies, hues of green from the floor of the fields to the dense walls of birches and pine. The canopy above is frequently passed through by bluebirds, cranes, and orioles. This is my sanctuary, my place to sort out my thoughts, to pray and just breathe. Find your spot – a place where the solitude and surrounding cause your shoulders to rest easier and your chest to feel lighter.



Escape your reality. While I don’t condone running away or not facing your problems there is nothing wrong with picking up a good fiction book and slipping into someone else’s world for a while. This summer I am committed to reading as much fiction as I can squeeze in. Of course, I started by saying I would onlyread fiction, but too many non-fiction books of interest have popped onto my radar so here I sit with my piles of books in their designated reading areas. There you have it – my flaw, I’m a bookaholic.



Oh, this is such a weak area for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have fun. I am just not very good at making room for it. The other day I went kayaking with my husband and son and we had a blast. It’s committing to the fun that’s the problem. We will call this area one of my summer goals – committing to fun (and getting out of my comfort zone), but more on the latter another time.



Spending time with the people who hold the tethers to my heart. More often than not, these are also the people I plan my fun with. Maybe you don’t have much in the way of family. We have moved a lot in the last seventeen years so the solution for us was church family. Seek out your “family,” those people that you can be in your own skin with – no judgments, no pretenses, just accepting of you.



This. This ismy sanity. Without my workouts I become an anxious ball of misery. Through my fitness journey I have found calm amidst life’s biggest storms and I have walked away with the side effects of strength, added confidence, and increased energy. I also include things like proper nutrition, occasional tapping, and essential oils as needed to round out my whole-body fitness. Find the regimen that works for you, something you enjoy and stick with it. Make it a priority and soon you won’t want to sacrifice it.


So, there it is. My recipe for resting my soul this summer. What are some of the ways you find rest for your soul? I look forward to hearing from you!


Until next time,

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