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Just Open the Door: Hospitality Unleashed

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What do you do when you are an introvert and perfectionist and the thought of hospitality in your home means that the planets must all be in perfect alignment? Or, maybe what holds you back from extending an invitation is different than mine. Whether it’s finances, schedules, or your opinion on the state of your home, Jen Schmidt has the answers for you. In her new book, Just Open the Door she discusses how a simple invitation can change the life of not only those whom you extend the invitation to, but also your own life and those in your family.


Jen discusses the differences between social entertaining and true hospitality, and yes there is a difference! Her attitude on hospitality challenges and convicts in a way that makes one want to jump out of their comfort zone and into the world of hospitality – which just may be a new ministry for you and your family.

What I Love

What I love most about this book is that Jen doesn’t preach as to why we need to be inviting others. She shares through her own experiences and those of her family as well as the recipients of some of those invitations in a way that sparks excitement. Jen makes you want to jump on board the hospitality wagon even when the planets are not properly aligned.


Maybe at this point you are saying that hospitality isn’t your spiritual gift and this is not the book for you. Well, it is at the bottom of my gifts as well, but as Jen points out Jesus frequently ministered through hospitality and we can too. Just Open the Door, will provide you with great ideas on simple invitations, meal ideas and conversation starters.


I would recommend this book to any women who is hesitant to extend an invitation, the well-meaning woman who hardly ever follows through, or those simply in a hospitality rut. Just Open the Door, would also make a great gift idea for the newlyweds in your life.

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