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Overflow: From Sewage to Savior


So, it happened. The septic alarm went off at 9:00 last Thursday night. We now have a routine when this happens after conversations with our septic pumper guy and the Culligan man. We know exactly how many gallons are left in the tank when the alarm goes off. Realistically, it should last our household 2 days according to our new septic tank friend. (I feel I can call him a friend as we see him quite regularly.) The neutralizer tank gets plugged in so it can regenerate, apparently this lets out about 30 gallons of water; small loads of laundry are done that can’t be combined with other loads – mainly muddy dog towels because of here– where you can also find more on the backstory of our septic issues if you’re not caught up.


So that’s it. Nothing too extravagant as far as water output goes. Although I did put a request in with my husband that he let us know ASAP when our septic tank friend would be coming and, if in fact it was that day, to let us know as early as possible because we were taking long showers baby! And by long that means maybe 10 minutes instead of 5, which is still a luxury at this point.


For whatever reason, I had the worst restless sleep in a long time. First, I dreamt we spent our moving bonus, but somehow only moved halfway across Nebraska and still needed to get to Wisconsin. Maybe this was wishful thinking, because yes that storm did come through as I mentioned here and kept up for three glorious days! Then, came more dreams on financial ruin as we kept having to pump the septic relentlessly and on top of that the basement flooded. Finally, I awoke before sunrise – cajoled awoke by the joyful snorting of my snoring spouse and his unending snooze alarm. Because I felt refreshed and eager to start my day after a restful night’s sleep, I took all of my positive emotions out of bed, had some coffee with my quiet time and headed downstairs for my workout.


Tony Horton Saves the Day


So, I am a little more than halfway through my workout and I look over and see the utility room floor quickly filling with water. This is how I am able to say that P90X and Tony Horton saved my life because if I hadn’t been doing my workout, we would have proceeded with our long showers, laundry, and who knows what else. Okay, so this wouldn’t have resulted in death, but it might have pushed my sanity over the edge.


In case you’re not tracking with me here, our septic tank overflowed and backed up into the downstairs drain. When our friend arrived earlier than scheduled, after an urgent phone call, he pumped 2,300 gallons out of a 1,600-gallon tank. Somehow, 1,000 gallons of water had seeped into this tank in as little as 10 hours. How? Well, every time our tank has filled it has been during a spring-thaw where numerous rivers run through our yet ungraded yard. This time they were accompanied by a fairly large sinkhole to the south of one of the tanks. It appears we have a leak in one of our tank risers.

sink hole

So how did I handle this situation in our brand-new, turn-key, “I’m tired of house projects so we’re buying new” home? I cleaned things up methodically and then I cried – a lot. I thought I had gathered myself, until my unsuspecting husband spoke and I spit numerous venomous words at him. You see, I was also overflowing with my own sewage: stress, loneliness, disappointment, lack of sleep and frustration. All of my overflow poured out and it wasn’t pretty.


Afterwards, I stepped outside to take another look at the sinkhole in the yard. There was the smell of spring rain in the air. I could hear the birds chirping in the woods across the yard, and the water trickling – probably refilling the tank, but at the time I didn’t think about that. I thought about what spring means. It is a time of new beginnings. Amongst the outside beauty, a verse came to mind:


Do not remember the past events,

Pay no attention to things of old.

Look, I am about to do something new,

Even now it is coming.

Do you not see it?

Indeed, I will make a way

 in the wilderness,

rivers in the desert.

(Isaiah 43:18-19)


Okay, so I really don’t need any rivers through our yard, but you get the point – God is about to do something new. It was as if He sent me His quiet assurance in the sounds and smells of His world and the verses of His word.


Later, I apologized to my husband and kids for my reaction and confessed my infantile outburst to the Lord. Now, I am looking forward. I am looking towards the new things that are emerging in my life. I am confident that God has good things in store for me and my family here in Wisconsin for He has proven Himself faithful to Me in the past.


So, this week I want to encourage those of you that are undergoing un-relentless challenges. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep running the race, for He is doing something new in your lives as well. Continue to pray and seek Him until you are overflowing with only Him.


Until next time,


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