Every day is a fresh canvas

A Fresh Canvas:



God’s mercies are new every day.


Most mornings I watch the sunrise. Some days start with a sharp, vivid display. Gold light casts over the rugged edges of the sandstone. Darkness seeps into the soft ridges, soon replaced by the warm sand tones of the bluffs. Other mornings begin as soft whispers of watercolors splashed over the slopes, soft pink embers glowing through gray mounds of earth. Each has a beauty of its own – sometimes the day emerges gently as a clock slowly ticking. Other dawns burst forth blazing as if ready to tackle what is before it.


Every day is a fresh canvas.


Somedays we stumble, mess up, say or do things we regret, but with morning comes renewal. A quiet time to meet with our Creator. Confession is like a cool breath in of His promises and truth. Self-doubt, insecurities and weariness breathed out. The sun washes in the room, warming, waking, energizing. New opportunities abound here.


We were never meant to be perfect. We will never get it all right, nor can we expect that of others. To put those expectations on ourselves or the people we come in contact with will only leave us hopelessly discontented. Maybe you’ve had a bad day, week, or even month. I have been there plenty of times.


Please Lord, let me get the words right today…

Help me hold my tongue when it threatens to do more harm than good…

 Fill me with your wisdom and understanding…

Yet, somedays flesh wins and everyone loses. Defeat looms like the impending night.


But God.


He is there in the dawn bursting forth, ready to fight our battles like the vivid first light. He comforts and reassures like the soft soothing palette of a gentle sunrise. He abounds in grace.


Because of the Lord’s faithful love

we do not perish,

for His mercies never end.

They are new every morning;

great is Your faithfulness!

(Lamentations 3:22-23 HCSB)


What will you do with your fresh canvas today?

Until next time,






Photo by Leo SERRAT on Unsplash


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