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Running the Race (Hebrews 12:1)

A Monotonous Life

Meaningless. Sometimes that’s how my days feel. I get up, pour a cup of coffee and have my Bible time. Next, I work out, shower and have breakfast. After that homeschool starts up followed by laundry, meal prep, and other… Continue Reading →

Loss: Finding a Better Perspective

“I was born to do gymnastics!” These were the words spoken by my daughter the week we enrolled her in a full gymnastics facility. She especially loved working on the bars and beams, and showed real talent. I will never… Continue Reading →

Overcoming Fear Part II:The Spiritual Battle

  Every day we face a battle. Most of us don’t think much about the spirit world, but Jesus, and his disciples spoke about the Enemy who is out to kill, steal, and destroy.[i] (John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8, Ephesians… Continue Reading →

Taking Our Thoughts Captive

I’m forty-four years old and I still have to get out of bed and close my closet door if I see that it is open even a crack. I’m no longer afraid of monsters or imagine that some ax murderer… Continue Reading →

Freedom From Fear

The last year was a struggle. We experienced some health issues, marriage and family turmoil and walked through some tough trials with some close friends. As the New Year approached it became evident that many of these issues would not… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

From morning thunderstorms to afternoon white outs here in western Nebraska, Merry Christmas to you and yours! 

A Christmas Refocus

With Christmas rapidly approaching our spiritual walk can get a bit stale. Maybe it’s not that you stopped praying or reading your Bible – life just has you distracted. I liken it to the child examining all of the gifts… Continue Reading →

Accepting Your Circumstances

For some time now I have been dissatisfied with my life circumstances. I have asked God numerous times to change this one area of my life and I often don’t stop there. I proceed to give Him a list of… Continue Reading →


Have you ever felt unqualified – called to do something but feel like you are lacking the skills or experience to carry it out? Often times the feeling is fueled by insecurity or fear of failure. Someone approaches you with… Continue Reading →

Doing and Praying Gets Results

      When something is troubling me I often turn to prayer and Scripture. One morning while reading the Bible and feeling like I wasn’t finding the peace that I needed, a voice of conviction whispered in my head. … Continue Reading →

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